Sleep Deprivation!!

title=”Sleep Deprivation!!”>Sleep Deprivation!!

This Prezi was really cool. I enjoyed the way she put everything together. I learned a lot in this presentation like that 63% of college students don’t get enough sleep, and I totally agree with this. Also I think that I am one of those students. Also I learned about some of the conditions that people have who can’t really get to sleep well like insomnia this means they could be up for an extremely long time like their body can’t get to sleep. Also another condition is periodic limb movement disorder which means that the person can have repetitive and high limb movements while sleeping. Some characteristics of a person not getting enough sleep is that they can be very  negative, almost always have heavy low eyes there can be some depression. To not sleep is like you are not recharging your phone or computer battery. Your body needs to recharge, and this is why we sleep. coming back to sleeping disorders learning about it I didn’t know that there were so many of them. She had great videos in this Prezi to! They were very helpful in learning about Sleep Deprivation. I also like the background and how she put the Prezi all together an example I am talking about it the way she made the background like night time just looking at it made me want to go get some sleep. Basically to sum it all up if you don’t sleep it just leads to bad and sad things. I thought celeste did a great job on this. 


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