Did You Know? Good video!

The facts that are presented and gone over in this video are really cool. But at the same time they are also extremely scary. There is a slim chance that I will come out of college and stay in the work place that I start off in. The average person could have from 10 to 14 jobs. That is crazy. The way our technology is progressing now there might not even be a need to go out and get a degree. Because their will probably already have a robot doing my job when I get out of college. I do find it fascinating that our English language has increased so much since the Shakespeare’s time he was basically the father or English or at least many of the words. If I needed to find a place about the facts presented in the video I would most likely do a Google or Bing search. Because with technology we have amazing resources, but I think we need to slow down with it because one day it will out grow us. And that is a scary thought. With how I think all of this information and new statistics presented in the video would affect my major decision would be not to go into technology because of it’s constant growth it would be impossible to get out in 4 years without something new already on the table.  Also it is a little scary thinking about over seas, and how the video presented the other countries. How they were basically progressing like technologies there are so many babies born everywhere every second and I had no clue. Also how India I presumed in the video as smarted than the U.S that means we need to step up, and also that there technology is most likely progressing faster than ours. That is an even scary thought. At the end of the video segment it talks about a computer in 2013 that will exceed the human brain. That is like people asking for a robot war. And it is predicted that in 2049 a 1000$ computer will exceed the entire human population that is crazy, and there is no way I see us not having a war on technology then. 


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